What exactly is a “custom furnishing?” Let’s define “custom” first.

Something that’s custom is typically built to fit in a space that is not considered standard. For example, under your staircase, or in an awkward corner. Sometimes it means it just didn’t fit the first time (or second, or third!) and we adjust (beat on it) until it fits. It’s common to have to adjust custom furnishings several times before they find their fit.

What is a “furnishing?” Essentially, a furnishing is anything you use to look at, set things on, put things in, sit on, or lay on. Custom furnishings—that’s what we do! What sets us apart is that we combine the rustic look with smooth corners and a top-of-the-line finish that your friends will rave about.

Custom furnishings are truly where rustic and elegance meet.


At Blue Pine Designs, we have vast experience crafting beautiful bedroom furniture including bedroom collections, wall beds, dressers, headboards, nightstands, and more. If you’re looking for just the right piece for your bedroom, we can help.


Whether you are looking for a new piece, a whole new set, or just need to have your favorite couch or chair reupholstered, Blue Pine Designs can satisfy your needs.

Believe it or not, most furniture is designed to be re-upholstered, just as cars are designed to be worked on. Just because the fabric on an old couch has seen better days doesn’t mean the couch needs to be consigned to the junk heap. If you have a sentimental piece that just needs a little love, we can help.


We understand that a Dining Room sets the tone for a home. It also communicates your living style to your guests. We would like to help you make your guests comfortable.