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From the factory, most recreational vehicles are equipped with built-from-the-line cabinets and storage, which are basically the same in each model. We can change that! Whether you want more storage, more open space, a new floor plan, or just want to buck against high-production and low-quality, we’ll help you get the perfect fit!

One of my favorite ways to express myself, artistically, is through blue pine.

There’s nothing like carving it’s naturally rustic appearance into a weathered slab, finishing it in premium Polyester Sealer and topping it off with high-gloss Polyurethane. You won’t be able to keep your hands off of the woodwork! 

We also offer the same custom carving with a satin finish. The Strait Trailer to the left is a great example of what we can offer.

This turn key project included all the electrical, plumbing, propane, and appliances installation, plus upholstery work from our very own, The Up Shop.


From custom furniture to trailer conversions, we’ve done it all. If you’re looking for a custom horse trailer build or reno, we’d be glad to help.