At Blue Pine Designs, we use a variety of finishes.

Our most popular is a durable pre-catalyzed lacquer that comes in many sheens. We use a dull rub sheen inside cabinets and drawer boxes. We also offer water-based finishes in several sheens for more of a green finish.

Next up is the Poly-Urethane finishes. These are great finishes when maximum durability is necessary, like on your bar top. It’s also used in hospitals because of the ability to withstand harsh cleaners. These coatings come in low to high gloss, and when applied on top of our Polyester Sealer imported from Italy, you end up with the rich, deep look that people just can’t keep away from!

For more than 10 years we have applied the Marquis finish, also known as the top-of-the-line finish for Beaver Motor Coaches. I worked for them in the 90s, learned and perfected the process, and still spray for companies working on Beaver Coach cabinets who need to match their finish.

We offer a variety of stains, distressing, and glazes for a more personal touch.