One of the services we offer is cabinets for motorhomes. Sometimes there are challenges involved that require “out of the box” thinking like The Ace Project.

The Ace'sMr. and Mrs. Ace brought this coach that had 4 seats. The two of them planned on spending lots of time traveling desiring more storage space over the extra seating. They also want to be able to remove the cabinets if they sell the coach and the new owners want the extra seating so we could not attach to existing cabinets in a way that would cause damage to anything.

We want to match the existing Cherry cabinets and use the space where the former seats were. (the 2 black posts sticking up in the picture to the right were what held the seats in) Notice there is a little room behind the driver seat that can also be used though we need to allow enough room for the seat to swivel around for dinner time!

Working for Beaver Coach some years ago I learned to make use of space wherever possible and working with many RV owners about their personal needs has helped me to come up with solutions that are practical as well as functional.Coach Open

I like to spend time with our customers to get a feel for what they want and need and sometimes this is a process that takes a little extra time, like for the Ace’s. They wanted a wardrobe cabinet and a place to store food items and some heavier appliances. Pretty limited space to accomplish all that!

I asked them if they would come back in a couple days….what I did was made a full size cardboard pattern and placed it in the coach. With the pattern we could see what space really was available and locate where drawers were and how I thought we could best use the space.

We installed a cabinet behind the driver seat, because of the location of the stud for the seat I suggested a Spice Rack to help use up the small space. The Spice Rack Drawer pulls out and there are four racks that can be easily removed and placed on the counter. We also matched the counter with a  cutting board next to the counter.

Knife HolderThe Mrs. wanted a knife holder so I asked her to bring me the knives she wanted to use and we came up with a custom knife block.

All the drawer slides are full extension ball bearing guides that lock in tight when closed allowing road travel without worrying about drawers opening. The Wardrobe cabinet has enough room for a few coats and things as well as a round top to allow access to some power sources.

The challenge is part of what I really enjoy especially when the end result is happy customers! Thanks Ace’s!

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