Elegant-Couch-SetHere’s a project we did for a customer on the east coast. This couch set is the epitome of elegance and showcases a unique way to re-purpose furniture. We have a complete cabinet shop which includes a finish room and upholstery shop (which we call “the UP Shop”). We can take on any challenges. Just view the gallery below to see the couch, loveseat, and an ottoman that we remade. This project actually has 2 loveseats but only one of them is pictured.

Notice the frame and how we modified the back. Some pictures display the raised back before the appliques were applied. We shaped a piece of wood to fit the original and routed grooves to match.

Follow the process as we added the “appliques” (the flowers) to the frames. The decorator we are working with in LA provided us with the flowers which they cast from molds they made. We are just now starting to make our own molds and casts for upcoming projects. For fun I cut several pine cones in half to see how the casting would work, I was impressed at the detail I got. The plastics we use are incredibly tough.

One picture shows flowers on one of the arms, it’s almost ready for paint. before painting we first caulked ALL the seams. This step is time consuming but necessary to make the piece look like it was molded as one piece.

You’ll see the arm pictures which show the original arm before caulking and the arm after caulking. It makes for a much cleaner finished product. It took more than 20 hours to caulk all the parts in this project!

Notice the closeup of the ottoman frame after all the seams were sealed and the primer coat is applied. It’s super clean!

We applied a pearl finish, requested by the client, which we applied and then clear-coated in a pre-cat. lacquer to provide years of durable service.

Lastly, we added leather upholstery. The original set had a diamond tufting pattern which after some discussion with the client we chose to change. The client opted for a smooth cover so it wouldn’t look too busy.

If you have an older piece of furniture that you want remade or just reupholstered just contact us.

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